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Polish Girl in Paris, France

She first contacted me to stay at my place but then said she found another place to stay.

On the second day of her stay in Paris, she send me a text, proposing to “have a drink or do something”. I suggest we “do something”. She proposes then to meet at my place. I then tell her another surfer will be coming later. She’s fine with it. She stops to buy beers and arrives at my place. We drink, have chat on the couch. After 15 minutes we just decided to fuck.


Guatemalan girl in Washington, DC

A sort of older girl from my own country (Guatemala) came to visit her sister near my city. She is 39. She contact me to show her around only. So we agreed to meet in a point in DC so we can start the tour.
In her profile she looked “aight” indeed she wasn’t my type in real person. but whatever i played along, chat and listen to her stories. but i quickly learn that she wasn’t the type of girl she described in her profile, as the matter of fact she didn’t even speak english and to make it worse, she even told me a friend of her from Austria did her profile. and why she was telling me?
Well for the sake of our ongoing conversation i was acting all truthfully and open to her. I guess she took it as a nice touch from me and decided to tell me the truth “?”. So, for mid day we went for sandwiches and told me if i could go at her sisters house for dinner. I thought bet! free food too!
That same day before going inside this freak tells me if i wanted to play like if we were in a relationship. i was like whatever lets go for it!. So we came in the house acted like if we were a couple and after the dinner she tells me if i had a little time to stick around. in my mind this means “lets fuck” so we had sex in my car and made sure i never saw her again. Thankfully!!!

Russian girl in Cairo, Egypt

I’m a 23 year old guy who lives in Cairo Egypt.  I also like Eastern Europe girls, especially Russians and Ukrainians.  Last week I hosted a Russian girl who was traveling alone.  It’s rare that a girl would travel alone but, hey, I will take the opportunity 🙂

She wasn’t the hottest girl I’ve seen in my life.  In fact, she was taller than me with not so nice teeth.  Didn’t matter though, I still wouldn’t ever kick her out of my bed 🙂

She spent the first night on the mattress.  The second on the couch next next to my bed.  And the third night she spent it on my bed after I offered her a nice massage. The sex was also pretty good, although I’ve had better (some English girl).  She ended up spending a week instead of 3 days as she planned.  We did a lot of sightseeing, had great food, and some nice sex 🙂


Romanian girl in Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m an Italian guy (what else did you think 😉 from Genoa, Italy.  Been living in Denmark for over 10 years.  Boring country but at least I can have a job here.  Anyhow I have hosted here and there, but most of the time I go to CS meetings, I think they’re a better option anyway.

So few weeks ago I went to a CS meeting at a bar in the center of the city.  It was quiet at first, but then slowly began to fill up.  Lots of girls.  I think they were mostly from Northern Europe.  Then suddenly one girl caught my eye.  She had a bit of a dark complexion but didn’t look fully Southern European.  I came up and started chatting her up.  She was from Bucharest, Romania.

We spent the whole evening together, drinking few beers and chatting.  She tells me that she never met an Italian guy in her life, which was a bit surprising.  I’m starting to feel it that maybe there’s some chemistry between us.  She had to go home early, but we made plans to see each other again.

We met up in few days and went to a park.  In the evening we went to a bar.  She was in a great mood, so I started to think that this will happen.  After drinks I asked her if she wouldn’t mind coming over and “chilling” at my place for a bit.  And she wasn’t even hesitant about it! She immediately agreed.  We ended up going back to my place and spending the whole weekend together.  We probably did every possible position imaginable.  It was one of the most amazing sex I’ve ever had!


Guatemalan guy in South Africa

In my trip to South Africa, Cape town, i sent a surfing request to this 21 year old blonde chick. She accepted but changed my request for only one day (not my 4 day).

So the day we meet after getting lost for 3 hours and being late i finally meet her and a friend in a restaurant. and gosh they were beautiful and tall i mean like her friend 5’9 and her 5’11 tall!. (I’m 5’5) I was like shit!! not good. So i played along and after conversations they tell me they like weed and love if i can speak anything in spanish because they wanted to hear some spanish.

So long story short, we meet up with her guy friends and some bar and after drinks and weed she tells me she wanted to go for a walk at the beach, and this was around 3am (So imagine that). I was like aight lets go! So i stole a near by 6 pack of apple cider on some random table (only thing i saw handy on the table to keep us drunk) and hit off to the hot night.

We walked and talked about the stars (how romantic is that) and after a solid walk she started playing around with the sand and opens a hole on the ground, and she gets in and tells me to get on top of her to cover her from the wind, and guess what happened? we were trying to have sex at the beach! i was drunk of course so do her and we were dry in the bottom (if you know what i mean) so that thing aing going in plus the pain.

So we finished with my host giving me the blow job of my first experience in Africa, until today she is my friend in Facebook got me a good review in CS and what else can i say? South African chicks are the best of being friends with! This is not couch bang related but sort of surf-sex related. 🙂


Ukrainian and Uruguayan girls in Washington, DC

Im from Guatemala, male, 26 years old and live in Washington Dc, USA.

I still live with my folks, but this doesn’t stop girls. I’ve brought at least 4 chicks home. First was a Ukrainian girl. she was living temporary in Philly to study and had 2 more months in the USA. so she came down for 4th of July and I showed her around the city and came in smooth you know, tapping the surface to see if this brand goes down. and had a few beers later that night. we come back to my place and started to watch a movie in the basement. of course with the intention in being on the couch. after a few minutes i tell her that my feet were hurting of to much walking, she immediately offer me to massage them. I said, geez this might be a sex signal. of course later we started making out and had sex and what freaked me the most is that she was virgin. at least she told me i popped the cherry because i saw it!.
I felt special about it because it hurt like crazy, although she was getting attach to me to much and even told me that i could finish inside of her. Shoot, i freaked out and had change my game and made her understand the times we had sex was for pleasure only. So months went by and i said, if this is what CS chicks like, shit i want more!
Second experience was with a beautiful Uruguayan girl.  The first night she was playing hard, and i mean like “go fuck your self if you want to get me”, She was even taller than me to make matters worse, but i kindly showed her around the city and took her to nice romantic place in Alexandria, VA. (like if a care) She told me i was doing to much for her, i replied that i was just a good guy that had lots of spare time. but the first day nothing happened as the matter of fact she agreed to meet another guy from couch surfing to meet that same night (what a ass low move she did to me).
Second night we went out for beers indeed we had a good time and i tried all my best but not a single kissed i got from her. i started to think that she was treating me worse than shit or playing around with me. But third night shit went down (that was her last day staying in my house). she started to act differently maybe because i was the only guy left for her? i don’t know and i dont care. and right away i sense that, that specific day was my day.
I took her for a small hike by great water falls in MD, when we took a short break from walking she said she wanted to do something crazy before going back to her country the following week, and for the sake of my parents busting my moment I offer her like a weekend gate away. So i booked a hotel and i offer her to go to NY, then later than night to a club. and we spent  3 days or to put it a weekend. and had the amazing sex in my entire life! day and night having sex, took several baths together and kissed until our lips were swollen don’t know what triggered her but i sure got what i wanted. Did i mention she paid for her hotel room, a few drinks and a dinner? HAHA she did. how cooler can you get other than this??? came out expensive but worth every penny.
In my opinion, I hook up with cuter girls in Couch Surfing that i would normally have to hunt in clubs in DC. i have 2 more stories but not has interesting as these two.