Guatemalan girl in Washington, DC

A sort of older girl from my own country (Guatemala) came to visit her sister near my city. She is 39. She contact me to show her around only. So we agreed to meet in a point in DC so we can start the tour.
In her profile she looked “aight” indeed she wasn’t my type in real person. but whatever i played along, chat and listen to her stories. but i quickly learn that she wasn’t the type of girl she described in her profile, as the matter of fact she didn’t even speak english and to make it worse, she even told me a friend of her from Austria did her profile. and why she was telling me?
Well for the sake of our ongoing conversation i was acting all truthfully and open to her. I guess she took it as a nice touch from me and decided to tell me the truth “?”. So, for mid day we went for sandwiches and told me if i could go at her sisters house for dinner. I thought bet! free food too!
That same day before going inside this freak tells me if i wanted to play like if we were in a relationship. i was like whatever lets go for it!. So we came in the house acted like if we were a couple and after the dinner she tells me if i had a little time to stick around. in my mind this means “lets fuck” so we had sex in my car and made sure i never saw her again. Thankfully!!!