Guatemalan guy in South Africa

In my trip to South Africa, Cape town, i sent a surfing request to this 21 year old blonde chick. She accepted but changed my request for only one day (not my 4 day).

So the day we meet after getting lost for 3 hours and being late i finally meet her and a friend in a restaurant. and gosh they were beautiful and tall i mean like her friend 5’9 and her 5’11 tall!. (I’m 5’5) I was like shit!! not good. So i played along and after conversations they tell me they like weed and love if i can speak anything in spanish because they wanted to hear some spanish.

So long story short, we meet up with her guy friends and some bar and after drinks and weed she tells me she wanted to go for a walk at the beach, and this was around 3am (So imagine that). I was like aight lets go! So i stole a near by 6 pack of apple cider on some random table (only thing i saw handy on the table to keep us drunk) and hit off to the hot night.

We walked and talked about the stars (how romantic is that) and after a solid walk she started playing around with the sand and opens a hole on the ground, and she gets in and tells me to get on top of her to cover her from the wind, and guess what happened? we were trying to have sex at the beach! i was drunk of course so do her and we were dry in the bottom (if you know what i mean) so that thing aing going in plus the pain.

So we finished with my host giving me the blow job of my first experience in Africa, until today she is my friend in Facebook got me a good review in CS and what else can i say? South African chicks are the best of being friends with! This is not couch bang related but sort of surf-sex related. 🙂