Slovakian girl in Cologne, Germany

Met a Slovakian girl at a Couchsurfing meeting about two months ago.  She was here for work – I believe she’s a waitress or like.  On the day we met, we hit it off very quickly, but, alas, nothing happened.  She went back home, but we kept in touch, writing to each other every now and then.

Finally, a week later she told me that she would be coming back to Germany for work again.  (Gotta love European Union!) We met up, bought some beer, and headed to one of the parks to drink it.  I guess you quickly realize it that things just _will_ happen, and this was sure one of those times.

I invited her back to my place to “finish a bottle of wine.” She quickly agreed.  That was friday evening and she ended up staying until Sunday afternoon.

So, yeah, it was a very successful CS experience, I would say 🙂

BTW: Slovakia has some very nice girls!