Brazilian girl in New York

Hey couchbangs,

I’m originally from Mexico but live in New York now.  A month ago I hosted a Brazilian girl.  She was cute, about 5’6.  She wasn’t too skinny (but I didn’t mind).

Anyway the first night I took easy, just giving her some wine and listened to her stories.  I wasn’t sure how it would go yet.

The second night I took her to a Brazilian bar in the village.  She was impressed and that meant some points.  We kissed and continued the seduction at home.

Finally on the third night she wanted to fuck.  So there you go: 1-2-3!  We still keep in touch, btw.


Slovakian girl in Cologne, Germany

Met a Slovakian girl at a Couchsurfing meeting about two months ago.  She was here for work – I believe she’s a waitress or like.  On the day we met, we hit it off very quickly, but, alas, nothing happened.  She went back home, but we kept in touch, writing to each other every now and then.

Finally, a week later she told me that she would be coming back to Germany for work again.  (Gotta love European Union!) We met up, bought some beer, and headed to one of the parks to drink it.  I guess you quickly realize it that things just _will_ happen, and this was sure one of those times.

I invited her back to my place to “finish a bottle of wine.” She quickly agreed.  That was friday evening and she ended up staying until Sunday afternoon.

So, yeah, it was a very successful CS experience, I would say 🙂

BTW: Slovakia has some very nice girls!


Polish girl in Warsaw, Poland

I’m 26 year old guy from Santiago, Chile currently studying in Berlin, Germany.  I’m decent with women, but not super advanced.  I had some free time so I went over to the land of blondes with big boobs (aka Poland).  My first stop was Warsaw, an OK city.  That night there was a CouchSurfing meeting, which I definitely wanted to attend.  Once at the meeting, I began chatting with a cute Polish girl.  I would guess she was about 25 (or younger).  She ended up asking if I had a place to stay, to which I said no (as I would be going to find a hostel).  She replied, “No problem. My boyfriend is not here, so you can stay with me.”

Of course I agreed and went with her to her place.  Her place was decent, very messy, just like a typical student’s apartment.  I knew that I couldn’t be able to hold myself being so close to such nice tits, but I had to control myself — besides I didn’t even know when her boyfriend will be coming back.

We spent the first night chatting.  Although she was very friendly,  nothing physical happened between us.  There was definitely some chemistry, though.

The second day I spent wondering around town.  I came back in the evening only to find her peacefully watching TV.  She gave me a bit smile, and asked me to sit down next to her.  We had a light meal, and then began drinking some wine (not Chilean 😦 ).  I noticed her slowly becoming tipsy, and used that as an opportunity to test the boundaries.  We kissed for a bit, but she told me that “she can’t do this.”  I went back on the couch.

Things finally went along smoother on the third night.  Maybe she had a fight with her boyfriend, I don’t know, but it was almost like she was a different person.  We had sex in many positions — I loved to see those huge tits bouncing up and down.  I ended up staying for a few more nights until I had to leave to go back home.

We still keep in touch.


Italian girl in Miami, Florida

Been exchanging messages with an Italian girl (from southern Italy) for a while now.  Looked over her profile and it seems she travels quite a bit.  Was mostly hosted by men (you know what that means).  Anyhow, she finally makes it over and definitely looks good.  About 5’6, huge boobs, very nice body.  As it was a nice and sunny day we decide to head to the beach.

Once at the beach, I immediately realized how hot her body was.  “Goddamn,” I thought to myself.  As with most of my bangs on CS (and there have been many), I decided to take it slow.

Here’s how it went: the first night she slept on the couch; the second night she slept on a couch in my room; the third night she slept on my bed; and the forth night we finally had sex.  She sure made me wait but it was worth it.  Sloooooow seduction FTW!


Norwegian girl in Rio

I live in Rio and like to go to CS meetings.  It’s fucking great because most girls there are homeless (aka, looking for a couch) and so if u can offer them a bed, they will come back home with you.  Genius stuff!  So i start talking to a nice Norwegian girl.  Tall and blonde, small tits, though.  I tell her that if “she wants” she can come over my place and stay – it’s no problem for me.  She looks me in the eye, thinks about it for a moment, smiles and agrees.  I’m thinking this is gonna be a slam dunk.  Well it took a couple of days and we ended up hooking up.  Thank you couchsurfing 😉


Estonian girl in Rome, Italy

I think couch hosting in Rome is the best thing in the world.  First, we have the best food, the best climate, and then the women come to us!  How can it be any worse.  Most of my guests are from Baltics/Poland/Ukraine.

An Estonian girl came to stay at my place last week.  The thing is we already know each other; we met several months ago at a CouchSurfing meeting here in Rome.  So we did the usual thing (pasta, sightseeing), then had sex.  Of course I left her a positive reference even vouched for her.  (I put “close friend”).  Hopefully it’s not too obvious for others!

She’s already looking to come back again.


French girl in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, another French girl arrived to my grand place (it’s actually a tiny apartment).  She arrived late on Wednesday, and we took it slow.  She was tired, having just done some crazy long bus ride.  The next day I went to work and she did some sightseeing.

In the evening I got home first and waited for her.  Once she arrived I asked her if she’d like to go have dinner with some wine.  She agreed and we went for food and wine.  After a few glasses, she got a bit friendlier and things went easier.  I then asked if she’d like to go to another bar for “one more” drink.  She agreed.  We got close a few times and finally kissed.  I didn’t push it and let her sleep alone (she was also playing a bit hard to get in the bar).

On Saturday I was busy most of the day but was able to catch up with her in the evening.  We went to a bar for few drinks and then a club.  She was definately friendlier, and I was feeling magic might finally happen.  She still played a bit hard to get but I took a risk (against a possible negative reference) and still went for it.

After a few tries we began making out again.  I took her by the hand and told her to follow me.  I went outside and caught the first cab to my apartment.  We had some nice sex the whole night.