Polish girl in Warsaw, Poland

I’m 26 year old guy from Santiago, Chile currently studying in Berlin, Germany.  I’m decent with women, but not super advanced.  I had some free time so I went over to the land of blondes with big boobs (aka Poland).  My first stop was Warsaw, an OK city.  That night there was a CouchSurfing meeting, which I definitely wanted to attend.  Once at the meeting, I began chatting with a cute Polish girl.  I would guess she was about 25 (or younger).  She ended up asking if I had a place to stay, to which I said no (as I would be going to find a hostel).  She replied, “No problem. My boyfriend is not here, so you can stay with me.”

Of course I agreed and went with her to her place.  Her place was decent, very messy, just like a typical student’s apartment.  I knew that I couldn’t be able to hold myself being so close to such nice tits, but I had to control myself — besides I didn’t even know when her boyfriend will be coming back.

We spent the first night chatting.  Although she was very friendly,  nothing physical happened between us.  There was definitely some chemistry, though.

The second day I spent wondering around town.  I came back in the evening only to find her peacefully watching TV.  She gave me a bit smile, and asked me to sit down next to her.  We had a light meal, and then began drinking some wine (not Chilean 😦 ).  I noticed her slowly becoming tipsy, and used that as an opportunity to test the boundaries.  We kissed for a bit, but she told me that “she can’t do this.”  I went back on the couch.

Things finally went along smoother on the third night.  Maybe she had a fight with her boyfriend, I don’t know, but it was almost like she was a different person.  We had sex in many positions — I loved to see those huge tits bouncing up and down.  I ended up staying for a few more nights until I had to leave to go back home.

We still keep in touch.