Italian girl in Miami, Florida

Been exchanging messages with an Italian girl (from southern Italy) for a while now.  Looked over her profile and it seems she travels quite a bit.  Was mostly hosted by men (you know what that means).  Anyhow, she finally makes it over and definitely looks good.  About 5’6, huge boobs, very nice body.  As it was a nice and sunny day we decide to head to the beach.

Once at the beach, I immediately realized how hot her body was.  “Goddamn,” I thought to myself.  As with most of my bangs on CS (and there have been many), I decided to take it slow.

Here’s how it went: the first night she slept on the couch; the second night she slept on a couch in my room; the third night she slept on my bed; and the forth night we finally had sex.  She sure made me wait but it was worth it.  Sloooooow seduction FTW!