French girl in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, another French girl arrived to my grand place (it’s actually a tiny apartment).  She arrived late on Wednesday, and we took it slow.  She was tired, having just done some crazy long bus ride.  The next day I went to work and she did some sightseeing.

In the evening I got home first and waited for her.  Once she arrived I asked her if she’d like to go have dinner with some wine.  She agreed and we went for food and wine.  After a few glasses, she got a bit friendlier and things went easier.  I then asked if she’d like to go to another bar for “one more” drink.  She agreed.  We got close a few times and finally kissed.  I didn’t push it and let her sleep alone (she was also playing a bit hard to get in the bar).

On Saturday I was busy most of the day but was able to catch up with her in the evening.  We went to a bar for few drinks and then a club.  She was definately friendlier, and I was feeling magic might finally happen.  She still played a bit hard to get but I took a risk (against a possible negative reference) and still went for it.

After a few tries we began making out again.  I took her by the hand and told her to follow me.  I went outside and caught the first cab to my apartment.  We had some nice sex the whole night.