Swedish girl in Madrid, Spain

I dont host but go to CS meetings every now and again.  I think it’s the best way, you can just choose and pick who you like instead of getting stuck with some ugly girl.  Anyway for some reason this particular meeting had a lot of nordic people: swedes, norwegians, finish (no danish girls though).

I’m just playing it cool, chatting with people and getting know everyone.  Suddenly one Swedish girl caught my eye.  She was blonde and was wearing alot of make up.  personally, that’s all I need.

So I start talking to her and she says that she loves my accent.  I don’t mind the compliment.  Then she tells me that she needs a couch.  Of course, I agree.

We go back to my place but nothing happens the first night.  The second night we go out for some live music (Spanish guitar, which women love), and that sets the mood for the rest of the evening.  Later we go to the club, where she starts drinking a lot.  We went back to my place, and I had some of the craziest sex I’ve ever had.