American girl in New York

Not the most exotic story but here goes anyway.  I’m originally from Dallas but been living in New York for the past five years.  I’m also of Indian descent.

She showed up Friday night.  American girl from California (I think it was LA or maybe San Diego).  She wants to go party.  OK, we go to a nice lounge/bar in Midtown and after a few drinks she is getting pretty crazy.  We get home but she quickly sobered up and nothing happened.  (I also took it easy because I’m always afraid of that big red negative reference.)

The next day I was busy so we finally hook up on Sunday (the day she said she’s leaving).  She comes over to my room and tells me that maybe we should get drunk at the place instead.  We started drinking, and she began hitting on me.  She also didn’t leave right away but stayed for few more days.