Korean girl in Sydney, Australia

Korean girl arrived Sunday evening looking like a complete wreck.  She’s small and petite.  Pretty much the complete package.  I let her rest the first few nights (of course im gonna be a gentleman, at least at first 😉   The following night is a nice day here in Sydney so we go out hang out.  I show her around the city a bit.  She’s a bit cold, which is strange.  The night comes and she gets dressed with high heels, tight skirt, tons of make up.  It was a complete transformation.  I’m simply amazed!  Anyway we go out to my favorite bar and she wants to P-A-R-T-Y (thats what she says).  Crazy night.

We get back to my place at 3am and go directly to my room…Unfortunately she was completely drunk and then started puking in the bathroom.  Wasn’t a pretty sight.

The next day she was complete wierd, and it didn’t get much better.  She left few days later 😦