Canadian girl in Bahia, Brazil

I’m brazilian but lived in US for a long time (LA).  Moved to Bahia (Salvador) recently.  A month ago, a Canadian girl decided to come surf at my place.  She’s cute.  The first night she says she wants to dance Forro.  No prob with me.  I take her to my nice Forro place with live music, and I can tell she is definitely interested.  I play it cool.  An hour later she’s giving me an eye.  I’m thinking maybe she hasn’t gotten laid in a while.  All good.  We come back to my place but she doesn’t go to her room and instead stays in the living room.  I ask her if she wants a drink or anything.  She’s smiling and just points at me.  I finish pouring her a drink in the kitchen, and come back and sit next to her.

We start making out and slowly head to my room.  Well, you know the rest 😉