Polish girl in Rome, Italy

I’m a Roman and my friend showed your site.  Cool site.  Anyhow, I host many girls here in Rome and can fill up your mailbox with many stories.  Let me tell you one recent one.

I hosted a Polish girl (from Warsaw) not too long ago.  And you know why Polish girls travel to Italy right? Well, this one apparently liked to play a bit hard to get at first.  I’m charming here right from the beginning.  We go for nice walks, have a bit of wine, I show her “romantic” streets (bullshit).  She comes home and tells me that “she is not a typical Polish girl” and won’t put up on the first date.  I’m like OK, no problem.  So I back off.

The night before she needs to leave, she comes into my room and asks me if I want to go out.  I say sure.  Well, she gets completely wasted and tells me that she’s sorry about the first night when she told me she’s different, and that she’s exactly like the rest of Polish girls (surprise).  We go back to my place and she literally jumps my bones.  So much for being different.